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pvc windows

PVC windows we offer are produced of KBE and ALUPLAST profiles. Both systems comply with high, European standards. Since we are the largest supplier of PVC windows in Poland, we are prepared to manufacture windows of any shapes, sizes and colours. “My Dad’s Windows” will meet your expectations both in terms of aesthetics and technical solutions. They increase comfort of use and are produced in accordance with the requirements of proper thermo-insulation and durability.

What is important, longevity and all expectations connected with new windows can be obtained only if the entire production process is performed by professionals with relevant knowledge and significant experience who will help you choose appropriate window profiles, fittings or glass and will mount the windows properly at the end of the process. LIBRA company will provide you with highly skilled technical staff ready to fulfil your expectations and dreams.

Main advantages of our windows include:

durability ensured by resistance to various weather conditions and ageing process, which makes that your windows look like brand new for many years.

perfect thermo-insulation and acoustic qualities as well as standard panes with K=1.0 factor will ensure measurable profits in terms of heating.

multi-chamber PVC profiles, special steel reinforcements and anti-burglary fittings will give you a sense of quietude and safety.

no troublesome cleaning and painting, smooth surface will make everyday maintenance simple and easy with the use of standard cleaning products.

possibility of customized design and wide variety of colours will allow you to fulfil the wildest and boldest design dreams.

all production materials hold health and safety certificates confirming their harmlessness. Moreover, they are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

modern lines of widow profiles with smooth surfaces and shapes will meet even most demanding expectations of our customers.

We are convinced that My Dad’s Windows will make you satisfied with comfort, aesthetics and functionality of the purchased products, and our consultants will help you choose optimum windows that are tailor-made to you.