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Windowsills seem to an extremely important addition, therefore you should choose them carefully when buying new windows. The variety of forms and shapes for both external and internal sills opens new design opportunities.

What is more, you should not forget about another item which can turn out to be of highest importance if your house is located next to a water reservoir or in a soppy area. Remember about an insect screen! We all suffered from a plague of mosquitoes bothering us all night long. Insect screens mounted both on windows and terrace doors are just perfect solution to stop unwanted insects and ensure quiet relaxation.

In case of apartments with rising damp or not effective ventilation systems, we highly recommend window ventilators which increase air circulation and replace humid air with fresh air.

Appropriately selected window handles or knobs both in terms of colour and functionality will increase aesthetics of your windows. Most importantly, you should think about children that may be in the room and consider buying handles with a key or button lock to prevent youngsters from opening the windows.